Happy Fathers Day!

The card is also funny because it’s like a dad joke

Happy Fathers Day to those that like “dad jokes”

I never get tired of them, and I love using them.

Child: “I’m hungry!”

Dad: “Hi, Hungry! Nice to meet you.”


I just wanted to share something short for all of the awesome dads out there, telling dad jokes to their kids, kids friends, grandchildren and friends kids (did I miss any?).

Happy Fathers Day to dad’s who make empty threats like, “I’ll turn this car around!”


“Okay. We’re leaving without you. See ya!”

I also don’t want to forget to thank all of the dad’s out there keeping it real and embarrassing their kids in the most cliche ways.

More importantly, thanks to the dads working while the rest of the family sleeps to share their creative passions or build a business to provide for a better life for their families.

Cheers to the dad’s we have interviewed so far:

Michael Zaro

Eli Sierra

Leo Trieu